Who and What is CHC?

Chiles Healthcare Consulting, LLC is a privately owned company that provides consulting services to post acute providers including nursing homes, assisted living facilities, ICF/MRs, hospice, etc. Mary Chiles, a registered nurse, began providing consulting services to post-acute health care providers in 1995 and in 2002 she founded Chiles Healthcare Consulting, LLC. CHC has found the most effective and efficient manner to meet the growing needs of their clients is to establish relationships with other professionals. In that effort CHC has created excellent and reliable alliances with knowledgeable and skilled associates [nurses, licensed nursing home/assisted living administrators, legal nurse consultant, Medicare experts; etc.] who work with CHC as needed to best meet the unique needs of a client.

Our Mission

imageCHC recognizes and respects the need for efficiency and value from the services that we provide. We attempt to stay abreast of technology and are constantly updating the way that we communicate with you. We recognize the added costs associated with travel and where appropriate we explore alternatives and strive to provide you with the assistance that you need in the most economical and effective manner. This may include use of e-mail, fax and/or phone consults, webinars, or perhaps sharing the cost of an inservice with a sister facility or other alliance. CHC works in a collaborative manner with individual health care providers, large corporations and health systems, and other professionals such as attorneys, accountants, etc. CHC is active in both the Virginia Health Care Association and the Virginia Association of Non-Profit Homes for the Aging. Our associates belong to a vast number and varied professional organizations in an effort to stay abreast of current regulations and best practices. CHC endeavors to evaluate areas of opportunity; to validate areas of success and to assist you in meeting the challenges of an ever changing and demanding healthcare industry. The services that CHC provides are tailored to meet your unique needs. CHC provides fair and honest assessment and comprehensive reporting of our findings. We work collaboratively with you and your staff to effect system changes that will enhance staff effectiveness, efficiency, compliance, and that support appropriate utilization of resources. The approaches and services used by CHC provide added value for your facility's investment and toward your mission and goals.